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New features have been added to new
additions. The first thing you would notice would be the new feel of the
product. New colour combination and new bottom bar. You would get shortcut keys
available for a particular screen in the bottom bar. One of the breakthrough
feature is Remote user login via Tall.Net facility. By this feature Tally data
can be accessed from any where by just having an internet connection. The second
breakthrough feature is inbuilt Control center and Support Center. Control
center enables you to control to whom you want to give access and the support
center is extension of Tally help through software itself. Now you can send your
queries and problems faced just by typing and sending via email. You would
maintain a log of all complaints and their status. No need for calls to support
center!! Enhanced payroll is another feature added. Now Tally payroll provides
:- Automated computation and deduction/contribution of Employees & Employer’s
Contribution towards Provident Fund. A predefined PF process to expedite voucher
entry and accurate processing of contributions. Generates Form 12A: Statement of
PF Contribution during a particular month Form 5: Details of the Employees
joining during a particular month Form 10: Details of the Employees leaving
during a particular month Form 3A: Employee wise Annual Payment details Form 6A:
Annual Statement of PF contribution PF Combined Challan: Monthly Challan form to
be submitted to the bank while paying the PF amount ESI Monthly statement and
payment challan. Form 3, 5, and 6 related to ESI The most important is the much
awaited Excise for manufacturers. Some of the major facilities in excise are :-
It allows multiple excise registrations for same company Item wise valuation
method (velorem, quantum, MRP) Rule 11 excise invoice,Rule 11 invoice for
purchase return Avail Full / Partial CENVAT Credit on Inputs and Capital Goods/
Service Tax towards Duty payable, reversal of CENVAT Credit Print G.A.R. -7
Challan, RG 1 register, Generate ER-1 & ER-3 returns Maintain PLA Register and
Excise computation reports.

File Size: 18 Mb

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